Reasons Why Every Girl Should Use Tinder!

Online dating has been the part of the Internet from the beginning days with some of the dating websites like and eharmony but it went up to a whole new level when it was coupled with apps. One of the most popular dating apps nowadays- Tinder has launched just 2 years ago but has become the leader in online dating field within such short span of time.

But there are some misunderstandings about the Tinder in the minds of people especially girls like ” Tinder is only for dating or hooking up” or “There are only jerks on Tinder”. But the fact is that there are several other purposes for which Tinder is used for and there are many interesting people on it too with who you can be friends with!

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Here are some of the reasons why every girl should use Tinder!

1. You Get To Know What’s Going On Around The Weekend

You will be more than happy when you will find out that you are getting a match with a boy who has party plans on the same night when you are planning for going out. You might get this information from both – a frat boy or a cute boy but one thing is clear, that you are rated as cute by the guy and that’s why your profile is liked by him.

2. It boosts your confidence

It sounds weird but it gives you a great feeling when you get to know that a good looking boy thinks the same about you. Swiping right and “It’s a match” is really a great confidence booster. When you see a good looking guy in the real life, you can’t read his mind to know what he thinks about you but Tinder is providing you this facility.

3. Shy Girls Can Use Tinder To Get Away With Awkwardness

It is a perfect opportunity for those shy girls who can’t just walk to a guy and start a conversation. With Tinder, they can start a conversation without being face to face. They can talk until they get comfortable with the guy and can plan the meet up with the guy when all the awkwardness is gone and they are completely comfortable with the guy.

4. No strings attached

The relationship will go as far as you want to take it. It will be your decision whether to continue the conversation or not, whether to move on to Facebook or Instagram etc or not, whether to give him the number or not, or whether to plan a meetup or not. You will not have any kind of pressure to give rejections to all these as you are not chatting face to face with the guy.

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5. You Get An Opportunity To Laugh

There are many guys on Tinder who really have a good sense of humor and they just like to make others laugh. Feel lucky if you get a funny pickup line from such a guy as he can make you forget some of the tensions of life and can make you laugh without any bad intention.


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